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Borderline - text

It's gonna be another lonely night
one more and im gonna die
wired out waiting for the sign
coz your a risk and im borderline
all i know is ive been sitting with this fire and it burns inside
man if you want me to walk your line then dont stop at 8 no lets take it
to the 9's
i know that we should lay out and love
because man i really need it
to the 9's
i may be full but its not enough
come and show me how to feel it
all or nothing
you know thats how i play the game and im ready now
man if you want me, come cross the line and
slide up to 8 then lets take it
to the 9's
oooh yeah im ready now... wrap round
ooh can you feel it now ....melt down

Text přidala Ashlee7

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