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Too much booze, I'm five miles outs my head
Got nothing to loose, Lord I wish I was dead
I don't need no doctor, he can give me no cure
I just like bottle, if it's whisky pure

I feel I can't live for another day
It's got to be stiff, to take my troubles away

Well I'ain't no looser, cause I'm makin’ it straight
And I ain't no chooser. I always go my own way
You might say I'm foolish, diggin’ my own grave
But I stick to that bottle, that's my way to feel safe
I can get no release in this crazy world around
The only word I believe ' Get drunk or get drowned

Take that bottle away, now listen what we say
Cause it isn't right, but it won't hurt my pride
Cause it's suicide

Now I'm near to the end now, that's what people say
But I got no worries, I just pour them away
I don't need no guidance, on my lonely road
I guess I live my life, without the heavy load

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