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Sittin’ in a crowded bar,
but you feel you're on your own
Should you take another drink,
or hit the road back home
You need some satisfaction, and you need it tonight
A long haired night time lady, or a bloody barroom fight

You were steamin', I was hot, but you couldn't cope

With all you got
Cause you turn me on, you make me see

Sometimes it ain't easy to live inside your head
In the heart of the city you could easy wind up dead
So you know you gotta do it, and you gotta do it fast
You gotta make a breakout or you never gonna last

Breakout, breakout - you gotta hit the road
Breakout, breakout - ease your brain from the load
Breakout, breakout - find a place in the sun
Breakout, breakout - end your life on the run

The woman from before is now a 'used to be'
But now you've spread your wings and set yourself free
You can't keep on pretending that your life is going well
So jump off at the next station,
it could be 'heaven of hell'

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