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As I leave the old world behind, the past scorns, although it won’t keep me still. Then when I fall, as I often do, I’ll live the life that I chose and not the life that I gave to you
Prisoners of absolute states. Lifeless, and cold, you scream, “save me, break me. God only knows I’m fading away”. Ignorant to your ways, your sacred stones I’ll desecrate
From birth, we are shown how we can steel ourselves. Grounded into our ways. Sell us the way to rid our fear. Say it again to me, what’ll my judgement be? Desolation? In spite of all the things you say are truths, it was the light in me that found the lie, the lie in you
We are here to realise that we are more than this. Everlasting. Every step, fleeting bliss within the catacombs of your former self
Free yourself, bring on the onset of an infinite dream. Sons of the wicked, daughters of nothing, we are the light that burns. Destroyers of absolute states, and we are coming to set you free
Beyond the lives we hold, it all just fades away. Realise what’s left is everlasting
You feel it don’t you, in here? The burning inside you, set to implode. Give in, just let go, this is for you to know. The power of the universe in you. We are the light that leads the way. Now live the life that you can dream

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