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While I Ride with the Valkyries - text


Fainting blood-red the enmy lad with their own blood
Battling together to many hordes of brothers, side by side
Grasping a hand - forged iron sword and a wooden shield
Wearing a gold adorned helmet, was the one never loser

The one never before cut by a blade was be!
The one never bled in a fight
So of allfather Wotan, blessed by wargod Tyr

Born to die in Midgard to forever live in Valhalla
The day I keenly was delightning me in one battle
Mounting my harnessed great white war -steed
Eyeing the gorgeous war scenery

Brothers of mine were triumphing upon the foes
Satiating their wolfish thirst for blood
Risking their lives for their blood and honour

Their folk and soil, their past and future
Challenging the norns unknown writings
... in many battlefields I�ve fought and withstood

Differently of some, now gone, of mine
Their fate was sealed, their memory lives on
It�s now arrived my time to joining to them
Too young I was to feel, to now its before

In past death could have taken me against my will
But not now, I know I�ve fullfilled more than my duty
Battles I fought, battles I won; for me it�s enough
Nothing more I�m longing for, but a horn of hydrohoney

A place to sit among my father and brothers and a banquet
In the halls of Valhalla and there celebrate with them
The great heroic saga of our lives glories and victories
Devoted to our ancient blood, soil and honour

To gods in Asgard and people of our kind
And our not feared, but unexpected cavalcade
Our deaths as braves and loyal warriors
I want to see my father and mother again

See all my deceased relatives smiling
See my god, enthroned in grasslandic paradise
And my beautiful goddess with him

While I ride with the Valkyries
I realized the magnificence of my life
The supreme meaning of my fighting existence
The so searched life aim, by the non-heathens

While I ride with the Valkyries
Refreshing breeze blew to my face, meanwhile
Happiness filled my heart, peace filled my mind
And the conscience I�m a laureatable warrior
Earlier I learned to bloodstain the iron

I teach you now to wipe tears of lament
Burn me in my drakkar, don�t cry but joy me departure
Because I�m happy while I ride with the Valkyries

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