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To the North of Rubicon - text

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Faces turn towards war
Cold eyes searching the emptiness
Night mixes with day
Moon eclipsed sun
Our motionless faces
And cold glassy eyes
Melt the foreboding wasteland
Chaos emerging in waves
Destruction lunging from the darkness
Soldier's hearts turned to stone
Armies stand motionless on their positions
It is not us who will cry from pain!
Our graves not trodden by ghosts
Blood that is not blood
Flesh that is not flesh
In the ashes will find its end
Our swath and fire trails
Gleaming with weapons in the night
Crests swing on the wind
Panzer forces in harmony
Savagery lunging to be unleashed
Sun glaring from the steel
Wotan bewitched their hearts
White armies united for revenge!
Enemy charging from the darkness
Smashed by shields of hate
Chariots of fire descend from the sky
The inferno engulfs the valleys of tears
Impure creatures cloven in pain
Their skeletons picked clean by beast and fowl
Swords will smash David's star
Cross and Crescent are lost
In the dark current of the river of blood
To the north of the Rubicon
Divested by passage of time
The end and beginning a mystery
Suspended between life and death
The world of human and the world of gods
Lashed by a cold wind
We peer through the abyss
Where long shadows of enemies
Reside in their hopeless lair
To the north of Rubicon
Swords will smash David's star
Iron hammer crushing the cross
Holy Crescent tread into the ground
To the north, where stone monuments stand
And tumults rise
Valkyries awaken the eternal Aryan spirit

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