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Semper Fidelix - text


It was night when they emerged from forest
Our brothers were fewer than the enemy
The braves of Us died, but Wotan saw it all
Later We knew that and some moons later thus
We sailed miles, crossed storms
Furrowed waters of all tempers
Then We saw their hordes in the distance
Through the oceanic dense mist
They were not waiting for Us
We were camouflaged by sea's white hairs
We were going to finally revenge Our dead ones
Whose, cowardly by non-heathen hands, lives were taken away
Matchless armipotent heathen warriors
With hammers and swords and thorny shields
We were bellowing loud, howling like wolves
On behalf of Wotan, yearning for a peerless bloodshed
The noble blood of ancients gone was boiling in Our veins
As We were laying final oaths and praying to Wotan and Tr

...We've never feared death, because as We are warriors Sons of Wotan,
We were born to the Glory and Victory not Eternity
To defend the honour and "secure the existence of Our people"
Fight for a peaceful and prosper future for Our children
Preserve Our culture and the memory of Our brave ones already gone
The purity and nobility of Our forefather's virtues and values...

Rapidly their blood was dripping from Our blades
In the ferocious ardor of that fierce battle
Unmercifully We hurt with Our weapons
That day we ported at foe's lands
Hundred thousands of enemy men
Non-heathen foes of Our people, revilers of Our honour
Countless enemy men tumbled, fell dead one by one
Spears and arrows whistled in air and nailed to their helmets
Their Daring was taking its toll
So Our iron fatal weapons sealed their fate
Their filthy soulswere then waited at Hel by Hades
Thus Our sworn revenge was done

Brothers taken by Valkyries!
We've avenged your deaths
We offer you the blood of enemies
And the ruins of their village

We shall meet again and in Valhalla live forever!

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