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On the river of tears
Bodies of killed warriors lie
Fallen Valkiries as broken flowers
The bravest warriors
Seized by the cold hands of death
Wind covers them in a blanket of red
The lady of a river with maidens
Shall arrive in a deep sorrow
She shall kiss your forehead
For the last time
The sun is gone and the
Hills veiled in mist
The biting cold
Spreads to freeze hearts
In the red gleam of crying sun
Magic fog raises the bodies
Far away the horizon or oblivion
Wind sways the grass
Dew drops cover swords
Trees bow down
To honor leaving warriors
The sun disappears below
The horizon
World sinks in the color of blood
Silence lulls to sleep
And one can hear only
Quiet rustle of ghosts [wraiths]
Whispering ancient spells
Out of the dark river
Cold hands raise
River maidens
Raise the bodies of died warriors
To the lands beyond the
Horizon of oblivion
Where sun disappears
When sun is gone
Lady of river with her maidens
Perform ancient rite
Ancient magic and power of earth
Will lead sons of sun
To the lands beyond the horizon
Where shining paths
Of setting sun
Lead to the land of oblivion

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