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Rainbow Bridge - text


Trees covered with funeral shroud
Dew drops as tears
Of the last dawn and the last twilight
Rainbow brdige reaching the son

Lonely path through the woods
Leading to the place of the last departure
On the radiant wings of sun
Red chariots ascending

Trees make an obeisance
Stones freeze gloomily
Wind moaning in the distant
Long shadows crepting stealthily

The invisible that no one will ever see
They are so close to you now
Only you understand the ancient tongue
In which the fate of the world is written

When sunny shroud covers yours face
It will be the end of a time
Only tears of the rain weeping with blood
Will say goodbye when you leaving
Walking down the rainbow bridge

Voices hidden among stones
Whispering your name
The shadows of fallen companions
Follow you in the prosession

This is your last march
In the land you soon forget about
Rainbow bridge shines in the distance
The sun will embrace you

You came from the stars
You leave towards the sun
Blue eyed son of Atlanteans
White Beast of Wotan

Text přidal DevilDan

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