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Under your command, We go through fire
Under your command, We spill blood
Under your command, We build your kingdom
Under your command, We go fight with pride

A flash of rage in proud eyes
A hand holding a sword
His anger spreads above the horizon
Watching out for the enemy

His warriors walk with pride
Gods enchanted their hearts
The earth trembles and rumbles

Gods of war follow them
On Chariots carried by the winds
Above the forests of spears
Legions of Aquilonia Empire

Blessed by Crom
Raise his sword towards the Sky
His voice is our will
We follow his bloody shadow

King of Pride Aquilonia
You will never be forgotten
Master of Sword
You will never be forgotten
Immortal warrior
You will never be forgotten
Beasts of war
You will never be forgotten

Under your banners, we cross the mountains
Under your banners, we conquer enemy land
Under your banners, we burn this world
Under your banners, we die in battle

Wizards in darknesss of the night
To erase his was their aim
Devoted to dark powers and forbidden magic
Days of highest price for their sins

Their blood burns black ribbons
On a cold merciless blade
Forged in the days of glory
Of Cimmerian steel

We march for the victory
Led by the immortal commandment
In a morning mist of a red daybreak
His armor shines with a bloody glow

King of Aquilonia
Under your command
We will reach the end of the world
To the edge of our strenght
Herald of death
You will never be forgotten
Cimmerian Beast
You will never be forgotten
Your name Conan
You will never be forgotten

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Video přidal DevilDan

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