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In the Sea of Blood - text


When blood covers your eyes
When death dances around you
Your laugh in her face with despise
Because the time for your death has yet not come
In the sea of blood, and storm of fire
The choirs of the dying spread melodies
Of death and destruction
The wings of death have covered the Earth
Strike at the enemy where he least expects it
Flood his hope in a hole of tears
Poisoned arrows will reach their hearts
No more love, neither mercy
The red Sun has hidden herself
Their fear born from our hate
Kindles fire and ash
The dance upon the battlefield
And their screams terrify and freeze hearts
Praise my sword from the red mud
I clench my fists and deliver pain
I still live on, and laugh in deaths face
Because nobody will take me alive
Frantic horses upon the red field
And the shattered swords wound their hoofs
The wages of war raise the wails, because the
Spill blood has called upon them today
I still live on, and against the darkness I raise my sword
Ash mixes with blood, and the blood on the field darkens
On the battlefield, in the sea of blood
The wails of the dying become the anthem of death
The eternal war absorbs all that surrounds it
The Gods of death and destruction gather
Their blood harvest
When the anthem, drowned by the sea of blood, will sound
We will tread on your enemy's standards
And the dead horses of Yahweh will become food for the rodents

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