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Fire Chariot of Destruction - text


From the darkness the fire came
And took our souls away
From the darkness the fiery
Dragon came
And kindled our hearts
Our shields and swords
We rub with human blood
Shed in honor of ancient Gods

Beasts from the depths of hades
Harnessed to the fiery chariots
Devour their bloody victims
Our swords rubbed with their venom
Our hearts harden in battles
Still fear the shows of hades
Dragons of hells and slaves of hatred
Let's start the fire of annihilation

When war chariots
Will cover with holy fire
And glide across the expanse
Wraiths of war and slaves of hatred
Roll over than lands as hurricane
Of fire, death and pain
Mercy died
At the day of our birth

Fiery chariot of annihilation
Burns with fire that consumes
Our souls
We long for a bigger flames
May its flames touch the stars
In their light beasts arise
White wrights of war destruction
Surounded by holy fire
We will snatch life of light

On the fire chariots
God of war shall sit
Fire shall lighten the sky
Blood shall flow as rain
Surrounded by the magic of fire
We will snatch life of light
White wrights of war destruction
Mercy died
At the day of our birth

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