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Braid of a Pride Valkyria - text

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Valkyria is skudding across the sky
Unyielding, fearless
Gazing steadily into the distance
Glows of fire on the horizon
Supernatural entity
In the winged helmet
On the white horse
From the holy stable of the gods
She is rising as an angel
In the silence of the blue sky
The guardian of the skies
Shining spear among the stars
Fallen warriors
Waiting in the darkness
When the light of the spear
Lightens the way of return
Proud Valkyrie
Speeds tirelessly to meet them
She will take them
From the field of tears
To the eternal star
Where they will live forever
Saved warriors' souls
Will drink blood from the tree of life
Long way before them
The time is coming to an end
On the stars' tails
They will roam the universe
reborn from the ashes
Will take the light to the darkness
Still on the sky
Unyielding, fearless
On the white horse
From the holy stable of the gods
Her long braids
Shining in the rays of the sun
Swaying in the wind
From the star matter made
The time is coming to an end
It changes its way
The end becomes a beginning
The dawn becomes the twilight
And only her long braids
Shining in the star light
On the way to the rebirth
Above the horizon
The twilight of any hope

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