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Blood of Christians on My Sword - text


The frost tries to reach us
with its cruel, cold hands
the cold witheness hurts our eyes
and we still march with wind in the face.
We follow the trace of blood in the snow
yesterday we burnt two villages
we killed women and children
heads out of the bodies of priests
we impaled on our wooden socle

The blood of hideous monk
is still getting blacker on my axe
their temple burnt
and we fed a fire with their corpses
my brothers are marching silently
the great frost turns their hearts to ice
the warm blood will bring the life back to their bodies

Another christian village is near
those who escaped showed us the way
by the blood from their wounds
we must deal them a deathblow
before wolves get them
on the horizon behind us
the black smoke appears on the sky
on the hills, full of trees
wolves observe us
they´ll leave the hills and follow us
as soon as the day is over

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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