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Blood Faithful to Soil - text


A wind is blowing from the east
On the distant horizon
The blessed Sun rises
For the glory of our ancient Gods
It its light
Banners shine in the glory of victory
Pagan faith reforged into
Armored legions
Approach the borders of the fallen paradise
Nothing can stop them
Cut enemies heads
Decorate the white trail
White warriors are coming back
Strong as they used to be
With sun on their banners
And fire in steel hearts
Power bewitched in the runes
For glory of pagan Gods
Today is the day
What was asleep is to awaken
Blood faithful to soil
Will awaken by the strength
Of ancient magic
By the will of strong and unite folk
Reach its heritage
For the glory of sun

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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