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When the earth shakes and ice breaks
And fire fights with the snow
In the breeze of the arctic winter
Majestic shadows are walking
Who are they?
Those who want to disturb
The eternal silence
Of this forgotten winter kingdom
Armed with ice swords and granite armour
Their breaths rise snowstorms
Volcano thunders the war rhythm
Firing the fire fanfares
Today the crack of breaking ice flow
Mixes with the hiss of fire snakes
Dauntless warriors of ice and fire
Proud heads reaching the clouds
The wind whipping your wounds
Wounds from ancient battles
Awaken from the deep sleep
You raise your armed hands
Your anger makes the earth shake
Nothing can stop you now
The words spoken
Before the beginning of the universe
Shaped our will and instinct
So the flame will never die down
Giants of the arctic winter
Severe snowstorm tousles their manes
They will fight against the beasts of fire
That have just left the abyss of the earth
If you are to wake up the Gods
Who are sleeping consoled by the web of oblivion
If you are to knock the world off to the abyss
This battle has no end...

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