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This Tomb Is My Altar - text


Practitioner of the black mass
Summoner of the bestowed power
Fallen soul leading to escape
Emancipation through a darkened void
Subtle whisper echoing in the deep
Inbiting entrance into an eternal mystery

Proclaiming "laus satani"
Cloaked in a robe
Delving into the embrace
He is the apostle
The chosen blackened assailant

Under darkness' cover
Servitor of a lurching force
A force ignited by the black winds
Beneath the sarcofagus, rise
Shadows loom, revealing forms
Unholy initiation can begin

Black mass priest
profaner of tombs
command the procession
instruct the order of the knell

rites of darkness
ancient entity
drape the surroundings
castigate light

oh, satanas, propagator of astral light
chant the bahimirionic bestial curse
engage me in this ancient ceremonial lure.

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