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Beneath the darkened gaze
Spawn of a black, sunless dawn.
There lies a place of darkened Worship
Under the Abyssic clouds

Centuries of depravity and decay
the thickest, mystifying fog
Signifying the mass to which I adere
Where we are gathered to summon for Satanas

Sacrifices preside
Under the gaze of the moon
The demise of the sun
Marks the Rites to which we are reborn

Ancient Sumerian curse,
Wait the ground of this temple site
Weltering and surrounded
Wolves gather to howl
Nocturnal ruins preside

Ethereal invocations in the glare of candlelight
This is the place where the winds are embraced
Here it is where I am at one
This is the place where the crypts
Call my name

In this ritual lair
practice of which is spoken
In this ritual lair
Dungeonic, ritual lair

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