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Purgative Circumvolution - text


Emetic ways
Ratri falls
As Kalaratri dawns

Purgative rites
The hidden truth
Avidya cast aside
On this seventh night

Purgative circumvolution
The once written
Once told prophecy
We devour our own flesh
As the serpent meets the head
Shedding skin in adoration of sin
I shall become

Purgative circumvolution
Our mantra, our just reward
The head and the yes that stare
To the crescent moon of Shiva
We shall crawl

Copulate to defile
Yield no heart towards desire
Cast perception into the fire
Shiva does not end in Shakti

Feast on the breasts of Kali
This is the rite of Shiva

At one with the way I have become
To exert is not to suffer
Follow the voice of fleeting images
Where foundations are sightless winds
The black pearl grows unabated
Seen only by those initiated
The visions of the grand mother

Emetic ways
Ratri falls
As Kalaratri dawns

Pearls of wisdom adorn
Our chain of searching
Will transforms to a black stone
Heralded by the great yearning
From an origin of time unknown
This is the pilgrimage of wandering
The temples are of sand not stone

To the crescent moon of Shiva I crawl
Crawl to the crescent moon of Shiva

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