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Like constellations encircling in a void
As of desert sands
Emanate formations of balance

The veil of Parokheth is cast asunder
For the chasm is channeled
Within the place of the skull
Upheld by pillars

Matter's mysteries dictate regeneration
Flesh traverse caveats
Fiery paths of the womb's treasures
Morphing ceaselessly

Jaws of severity
Transmute to the averse son
Invocation to supernal man
Beauty in Laceration
Flayed flesh adorned
Assigned blood stains the ground

Sewing the seeds of the fall
Accursed son of decay

The Sphere of the Sun
Illuminates Tiphareth
Cthonic ones arise from desolation
Transfiriation by the presence of Charon
Leading the transcendent path to aberration

Spiritualization of suffering
Arise... Influx of emanations
Arise... The sixth path
Manifest... As above, so below

View spiralling circles
Of highest power
Cross the Abyss

Meditate upon
A stone of black fire
Regenerate, ascend the Pillars,
Cross the Abyss

Text přidal DevilDan

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