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Odoratus Sepulcrorum - text


He speaks through the moon that he may be renewed
'A wondrous crown for those who were born from me
An altar of earth thou shalt make'
Exiled flesh restores the composite mass
The sacred marriage, a visceral attraction
To enriched earth, the offerings from blessed death

I take my place in the charnel grounds
A witness to the molecular rites of Shiva

Inheritance of this image of infinity
Limitless dormancy
The timeless realm of a gaping abyss
Repatriation to Mother Death
Open mouths chant the fervent hymn

Open the quarters of the city of silence

Glyphs adorn grey tombs
Protect the conception
Womb of palingenesis
Configured in soil
Sanctified by the winds
Moss and secretion
The reverent feastings
Odoratus sepulcrorum

To enriched earth
The offerings from blessed death
Open mouths chant the fervent hymn
Rejoice! O putrefaction, the divine breath

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