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Interlude/Kussa'u Tibtihu - text


Transcendental seances reawaken spirits
Unbound by space and time
Infinite in their realms
Beneath the larvae of ages
Sorcery guides their passage
To unlock the sepulchre
To manifest within the eyes of the spectre

There lie the mysteries of Kadingir
Dimeensions prevalent are mystical
As mind and will embrace
Death and entities meet
Boundless forgotten spheres

I am at one with the throne

Death feasts upon channels of existence
Embodied by elemental laws
Fire devours through terror
Water carries endlessly
Flowing to streams beyond
Air holds the miasma of ancients

All of which anoint my passageway
Unto manifestations of the beyond
They are radiant in splendour,
Mighty in their voices' call

Consecrate the final separation
Through the inhaling of incense
I traverse the planes of malignancy
Unbound by space and time
Infinite in their realms

Reaching the meeting,
Between the Abyssic eyes and death

The pestilential Anubis call
Incarnated through mystic cries
They inhibit my subconscious
Their cries, they ring a dirge
As the seal is unlocked
Cast is an unearthly separation
Within the Kussa'u Tibtihu
A temple of ancient allures

Ati Me Peta Babka
Usella Mituti Ikkalu Baltuti

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Video přidal DevilDan

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