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Gnosis of the Summon - text


Damnation, revelation
From the depths of catacombs
Hidden the gateway to the abyss
Where the Eye of Ra
Oversees the Gateways of Da'ath

Damnation, revelation
From the depths of the abyss
The unearthed, invoked spirits are many in their name
Conjured from beyond the depths of a temple grave
Time in itself cannot hold the everlasting aeon

Call for thee, the innumerable spirits
Call for thee, the Great Beast
Call for thee, the serpent who holds the nightstaff
Call for thee, as I receed unto my knees

Call of the Aethyrs
The cries of the Fallen Angel

Follow the miasma from watchtowers
Incurred through this summoning
Tower of aeons
Oversees the Tetragramaton

Ancient amentet
The hidden place
Behind they stand, watching they stare
The ancient Sahu is submitted

A lurching force
That cannot be explained
Aeanu - I call to them
Eanu - I am submitted

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