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Etched by the hands of idolators
Carved by winds,there stands an efface
A grotesque hue from aeons past
Aligned on eroded walls of negation

Resemblance to valley is olfactory
Where deities crumbled and shattered
By afflicted feet,on sands of polarities
The ruminant paths crossed by many

Assimilate and devour
Form a chasm
Where there lies
A crypt of abstract immortality
Disembodied spirits dwell inside

By Moloch's hand
Pass through flames
To the Beyond
From womb of initiation
Black ash of the offerings
Red image,flaxen stone

Grant depth and light

He is the purifier
He,the one who is just
He,the abominable shrine
He is the bearer of the eye of ascension

Protector of wanton rites
Destroyer,of processions that pass
Guarantor of passage
Sanctifier - Ashtar-Kemosh

Guardian of the embalmed
A primal dawn shall rise
Over the one,ascetic eye

With raised arms,flanked by two seals
That control tides

Overseer of thirteen gates of wisdom
Hollows of devotion and transfiguration
Blessed by the lord of corruption
Assimilate and devour
Form a chasm
Where there lie
Burial Chambers

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