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Amorphous Noumenon - text


Without end

Essences will awaken called forth from the astral plane
Doxological liturgies deeply dispersed
Thus cloaked, the source of primordial matter
Unleashed from the negative seventh state

Forgotten Anu's realms
Arisen the Kuklos Anagkes
Coiled by tenebrous serpents
Met by diabolical proclamations

Creative forces through chaos
In distant domain
Distinct manifestations
Oscillate without end

They traverse through the black seas of infinity
Apocryphal shades in a voidful realm
Enduring in metaphysical suspension
Enclosed within the Noumenon

Thanatos presides over
Inhale the unknown airs of majesty
As a benighted, nameless aura
The putrid stench of Charos
Is cast over a temple grave

A triune morphosis relates
Matter and spirit to opposite
The Noumenon is embodied by
The alpha and omega of manifestation
Permeating with predatory spiritual currents

State of oneness
Flowed ascension downwards
The emitters surround
At one with what became
A physical domain
An abstruse reflection

Flowed ascension downwards
Breathing the winds of death
The Noumenon shall delve into She'ol
Delve into Sh'eol

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