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I was down by the water
And I was so scared,
So frightened by the crashing waves.
And you were right there beside me
And you were so prepared, so unafraid
You we laughing in the rain.
Why can't we be each other's wings,
Carrying each other away from unfortunate things?
We were there when it mattered
And that is all we need to carry us away.
Post chorus:
So why can't we fly?
Why can't we fly away from uncertainties?
Why can't we fly?
Why can't I?
You always knew what you needed
And I was so unsure,
It shook the ground I walked upon.
So understandingly you stepped away
To give me a little time to look around catch my breath.
I don't want to walk alone.
I want to walk together with you now.
Post Chorus
Why can't I?
I've been roaming for so long
Its been a while since these clouds have been lifted.
Why cant I leave it all behind?
Just rise above it all
And fly.
I was down by the water
And I was so scared

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