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Be it broken down or beaten up is what you'll have to offer
And not a moment short of time is like a medicine
They say it heals all wounds are deep and painful I don't buy it
But I would sell it to you for a decent price
Never would I fall too short of expectations not expected
And never should you take to heart whatever I just said
A little birdie told me something really birds don't talk but
His chirp was nice I think I gathered what he meant
What's said is not always what is meant
Breathing this fire, leaves me with no desire to be read
Reading books I've found my eyes they like to wander off the pages
To play with many things impertinent to my mind
Sometimes I like to sleep it's cool but it is overrated
I'd rather just be singing nonsense through the night
Eighteen years behind me many more to come I am excited
I hope I didn't jinx myself please knock on wood for me
Or write a letter to a friend tell them it's time to listen
To what I'm saying but's not said don't let it get into your head
Just when you thought that you were sane
Like clever convicts they came running escaping from your brain
These words they trickled out these fickle conversations so concerned
With rationale I don't know how but I think I am done for now

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