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Sometimes it's hard to look you in the eye
The mess I've created it stands idly by
And I dont expect the dishes to do themselves
But that sure would be nice
Cause I am moving circles, falling back
My past has caught up to me, and I've lost track
Of what is history and what is a book marked page
I'd always hoped to come back to someday
Don't speak too soon
I'll likely shut my ears or shut down
I'm mostly floating
And I'm not ready to come down
Don't wipe away my tears so quickly
Do you even know if they're happy or sad
Maybe I need to let them fall
Clean me up and wash me out
And let me drown for a while
You don't have to hold my hand through this
You've got enough to carry on your own
I think you'll need both hands for that
I think for now I'd be better off alone
I will be fine,
I need to grow
No expectations please
Because I dont know
Where I'm going or where I even stand
I'm just trying to find out exactly who I am

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