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Your picture on the wall is moving from by the wind
The fan is turned up high im frozen to the bone
And yet I lack the effort
And cannot stand to go and turn it off
It's nights like these I'm not distracted by the sounds
I sit for hours in a chair inside my head
There's one more in the attic
And if I brought it down you think you'd like to join me tonight
And so my dreams they fill me up
They bring me down and dry me up
When I'm with you though I've smiling eyes
I know I only have so long before the sun will rise
A quiet slumber creeps across me I am taken
I feel so unrehearsed I'm walking all alone
And when the light is fading
I'm not surprised to see none other than your own
I've been waiting for this parallel universe to traverse the distance from mind to matter
Let it be for real
Let me know my future
Let me be free
Let me be at ease
Pretty please

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One More In the Attic


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