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What's written on your face, replaced all I hold sacred
You stole my breath away, How perfect your crime
Erase the day, innocence is over
Plenty of reason, couldn’t find the right rhyme, now
Where do we go from here?
I hold a candle while you sleep
I light a vigil just for you
Never keep it hidden here down below
So damn bittersweet to be able to let you know
Promises are a lie you deny it every time that I see you
Feelings of holding back they never subside
I craved the pain but now that it's over
Being with you is like emotional suicide
Where do we go from here?
Come again I feel alive
Had me feeling paralyzed
Come again I feel alive
The way that we take it back
It's quicker than a heart attack
[~To make] a long story short
Promises are for amateurs
Promises are for the amateurs
Promises are for the amateurs
I'm no amateur for you, for you
Making me scream

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