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Do you want to be my love, my side, my heart, and my eyes
My world, my pride, my stars and my skies
I'm looking for a queen who's more than gorgeous on a movie screen
I'm looking for the cover girl of dignified beauty magazine

I want dimples, and simple symbols that she's sweet
Wrinkles in her nose, expose what I mean
I am looking for a four-course meal that isn't based in base desire
I am looking for a lady who knows her soul is more than an appetizer

Just one more thing
Just one more thing

Do we fit in the pocket, can we fit sit back in the pocket
When the dreams and the drums start rocking
Can we dance with our knees not knocking, knocking
See I, I want a lady I can put stock in
I want a bass and backbeat to lock in
I want to know real love's not forgotten, not forgotten

I want a teacher who's eager to speak her mind
Delicate features, sweet with her tongue so kind
I'm looking for the markers that say "permanent" so we can share
I'm looking for a love that's still alive and well in rocking chairs
I want faithful, and stable, able to grow
Beauty that moves me and improves my soul

I'm looking for a shining light that likes to fight and persevere
I'm looking for a lady that wants to make me part of her atmosphere

Just one more thing
Just one more thing

All I need to know is
Are you clear on who you are
Do you love it
When this world starts getting hard
Will you rise above it, rise above it

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