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Wild Tales - text


You came over here with wild tales from the East
About the floods that are rushing 'round your door
About your old lady who up and walked away from your feast,
So you flew your bike over Highway 1
You were lucky to land on your feet
And you started crying 'cause you bent the key,
But it was your lady that landed underneath

And it is alright
Take it as it comes
You will find a way
To get there

So you tell me your company's being reviewed,
By the people that sit on the stand,
And you tell me your factory's been renewed,
With computers instead of hands.
So you filmed Old faithful in super-8
And you monitored all of her calls
'cause you caught the milkman with double-cream
He was delivering down your halls.

But it's all right
Take it as it comes
You will find a way
To get there.

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