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Adrenachrome - text

I hear you,
I hear you loud and clearly.
Loud and clearly!
I hear you running your mouth like you got it all figured out
Don't tell me to calm down
Cause' you throw insults on the glass house.
Now all that are reasons to feel completely defeated
So if when you are cheated, how I meant it ain't all the secrets.
So listen now!!!
Full blown, hands down, point blank.
You've got to go, yeah
So you'd better look in the mirror
Because you're fastest vision is clearer
You're about to see what is hidden up my sleeve.
Uh-oh come on we've got to move
See slows cool if you want to lose
Gotta move if you just don't wanna hold hands.
Cause' I hear you...
Simply because I never felt
Better than I have ever felt today
For these reasons unexplained.
I cannot decide whether I am coming or going,
Will someone please just show me the door for real.
Inside your mind, that place you hide,
I came inside, yeah, I'm like a fly on your ceiling,
Analyzing all of your lies and your secrets
Just spying, oh no,
Now you can see what's up my sleeve
You've been around for all this time.
Don't tell me to calm down!
Don't say Just play nice!
I hear you,
I hear you loud and clearly.
Loud and clearly!

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