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It´s Only Music - text

Don't look too far, you can find it everywhere
You can lose it without a warning
If you grab on too tight
Try to read too much into it
You know it's only music
That song - the one your hear inside late at night
It can set you reeling.
That song, that song is just your own
Heart beating, but it can sound like a symphony,

You hear a voice so clear you can't tell what its saying
Well maybe you now that tune you hear
Might never end
I thought that I heard you singing at night
You know I had the feeling
That I, I have known that song
Way beyond this life without beginning

Who knows the name of that song?
Go broke and come back singing
Since the world appeared
Get write it down
Cos it doesn't spell
It doesn't end.

In the still, the still of the night
When the wind is quiet
Quiet and still
I sit inside, the empty room
Waiting hear the tune that
Comes stealing through the mazes - writ on empty pages

Well I know we'll never get that song quite right
But still we're singing
Well I know ten thousand tunes are captured there
That much I know

Blue sun under the clouds - the smoke of wrack and ruin
Someone waits beneath the roses, playing guitar
Playing for me

Well l don't see beyond those eyes - not too far
Don't look too far you can find it most anywhere
But you can lose it, without a warning
If you grab on too tight or try to read too much into it
You know it's only music - don't try too hard - it will come to
You - yes it will

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