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Do It The Hard Way - text

She's been living to high trying to get through to heaven at night
They all knew she was bound to go down 'way before she fell
They all know how it feels to try and hold on to the light
They know the darkness of the night sky so well
But there?s just no way to tell her

She'll do it the hard way'
She's gonna break right through the sign that says
This is the end of the ride
She'll do it the hard way
She's gonna shake the hands of time and try to
Turn back the tide
She'll do it the hard way
She's gonna take whatever she can find until there's
No one by her side
And there's no place left to hide

Se sad I'm gonna get more out of living every day
She said I know how to get more out of life if I just had more time
If I can just keep on taking when someone else is giving it away

That way the sweet life - That'll be all mine in no time
But there's just no more time for her

She said I've got to make 'en all think I'm winning so I'll just tell 'em lies
That way I can make sure no one ever knows just exactly what I mean
Then I can beat the drums and yell it to the skies
I'm the queen of the nut house I'm the queen
And I can justify myself - say I been cheated
I'm the only one in this game who knows how to play
And if it weren't for time - I'd never be defeated
But people, places and thongs - they get in my way
And I don't like what they say
She's gonna keep on doing it till she proves that they're all wrong
She's got to let 'em know she's the exception to the rule
She's got no friends 'cause she thinks she's so damn strong
But she's the only one who doesn't know that she's the fool
So now I'm asking you What will you do?
If you become the fool

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