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I was born a singer
Wasn't something I planned
All I ever wanted was to be what I am
I was just thirteen years old
I heard a record that stopped me cold
I bought a Sears guitar and I started to jam
Nothing could be any better
The music fit me to the letter
I was feelin' it back in the day
We were rockin' away
Just me in my room with The Beatles
Wore those old records out with the needle
Just like it was stuck in my vein
When we were rockin' away
Rockin' away
I grew up in the 60's
'67 was the summer of love
Those were times when the music had something to say
Hitched a ride with a rock and roll band
Made a demo, it was more than a feeling
We shipped it off and we thought we were
Well on our way
Well on our way
I remember we all got together
Held our breath as we opened the letter
From the record execs in LA
They sent us back on our way
While the suits tried hard to define us
Nobody wanted to sign us
It was clear there were dues left to pay
We kept rockin' away
Rockin' away
Thirty years since we wrote those songs
Now when we play them people sing along
I'm blessed the fans have stuck with us all of the way
What can I say
Nothing could be any better
It was more than a feeling whenever
We were kicking it back in the day
When we were rockin' away
No one could feel any better
The music fits me to the letter
And it's not very different today
We keep rockin' away
Rockin' away
We're still rockin' today
And we're rockin' away

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