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For centuries we've been searching for the secret signs
Wretched life, you are the disease of human race
Damnation of souls, inquisitors ripping out confessions
Raping and lying, your truth is falling into pieces
Sacred blood
The eternal pain of my burning soul
Your rotten smile, reflection of your blackened heart
Punishment divine, I'm bleeding while you're filling your cup
Today the damned ones will pray for salvation of their souls
My sword will make you burn
Down on my knees in communion with my Lord
Now revealed his secrets I get ready to go
All the truth I know, all I hide within me
I won't trust you anymore, I release myself from the church
I'm riding fast on a sweating horse
I'm running away from the christian hordes
My head is worth its price and the prison cells are cold
The wooden cross is far too heavy for a templar's soul
In my last hours I still believe in the code
That honours a humble man whose ideas the church misused
Pursued, captured, tortured and abused
An existence wiped away but a soul free for the truth
Under the sun the lashes tear the flesh
Once a man of God, your servant passes away
Vultures fly, circling low they smell my death
I gasp for air, I hate you all
I damn you all

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