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A step in the dark, a night much too black
I walk through the mist that haunts the old mansion
The litless room inside reveals me all my fears
Evil is here showing its wrath
I have come, kneel before me
Fulfill my will and I'll let you live as a god
You shan't pass, you shan't rule in this world
I have the strength to chain you in hell
The slowly rotting corpse holds an imprisoned soul
Possessed by a force I'm ready to crush
A violent fight, dark and bright are both lights
The light and the shade, an eternal hate
Force against force, mind against mind
Time is running out to save the softly fading life
You shall die
I shall take you with me down the slopes of Hades
You'll suffer eternal rape
I shan't fall, for I know the ancient words
I have the wisdom to balance the fate
And leave you to suffer again eternal hate

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A Step in the Dark

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