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Fleeing through the dark
Cold sweat is running down your spine
Your pounding heart is about to explode
Your lungs can't take no more
In the silence under the earth
Where darkness lurks you
And all your senses are alert
You feel you'll hold no more
But when your forces begin to weaken
A sudden thought comes to your mind
The only thing that keeps you alive
A flaming rage burns in your eyes
Burning your eyes
A life of humiliation
Has been too much to endure
But those who stole your dreams
Will live no more
No more
There's no remorse, there's no looking back
No tears to shed, not one last cry
The heart feels heavy to face what lies beyond
Determination entails a newborn hope
A kingdom in the depth of the earth
Creatures of the obscure
Corrupted dynasties since times of old
Millennia of futile lives
Despising the humble, trampling on all pride
Wrecking hopes and wasting lives
All these will not be borne any longer
How sweet tastes the blood of vengeance
Feel the end before your eyes
Smell the scent of freedom
Breathe the air of victory

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