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Downwards the Hades of the Soul - text

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It's a matter of time that the soul of men surrounded by temptations
May let the Hades open its gates
Downwards the Hades of the soul
This place is dark, where yore white lights were gleaming
And shone the splendour of the stars
Now lies the desert, a pale red light upon the ashes
Engulfing all life
Like Ungoliant, the dark-veiled hungry spider
Shading whispers this way comes
The winds of storm, ill-fated tidings
Carried from the larva of an inner war
I sense a creeping power, a shaking strength
Fruit of years of hateful existence of hidden wrath
Downwards the Hades of the soul
The human race is so extremely perfect
You can see it everyday
The human thought, a million years evolving
And still an embryo in search of a shape
Downwards the Hades of the soul
And there lies the soul, conditioned by race and thought
Imprisoned in flesh, dimension and blood
And there lie the gods, conditioning races and thoughts
Imprisoning lives, futures and hopes

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