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Beyond the Mist of Time - text

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Thousand deaths, all survived
And I still behold the march of time
From the past, aeons have passed
And all my once broken bones still imprison my ancient soul
My soul...
Holds the answers to all my thoughts
My gift...
Who granted such gift?
Who will put an end to it?
Power and solitude for the one once admired
Infinity for no one to share with, for no one to live with
From the mist of the past
An existence beyond existence
Defied the invincible march of time, of time...
The path it lies divided, beyond the mist of time
The glory of those ancient, past days
Turned into madness, into rejection
Where have all those days gone?
Where is that glory now? Where?
I remember a time of war, of fights
I remember the battle that severed my life
I arose from the dead, from among my friends
To fight and die again
Three times I died that day, three times I awoke
And all who surrounded me, fearful, run amok
Too many deaths I have survived
But when I will behold the ever opening gates?
From the mist of the past, through the haze of time
I'll travel my path and wait...
I remember a time of war, of fights
I remember the battle that severed my life
I'll arise from the dead, again and again
Beyond the mist of time

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