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I don't want your lies
I don't want your lies
I don't want your nasty lies

I saw it on TV just yesterday
Yes another village swept away
Then I looked away
But it's still the same
Politicians- all without a face
Talk about peace in lie's embrace
They are not to stay
They have to pay
Right away
Sing with me this song today!!

I don't want such a world
I don't want, I'm ready to go
I won't say, what they say, hey !!

Don't let them take control
Fight, rise up and say no
Have this world, your own way, hey !

Have you ever thought of those in pain
Now think about your life and don't complain
You don't have to stay
Out in the rain

But there's always something we can do
If we stand together-me and you
There is a way
To make a better day,
And let it stay..
Sing with me this song today !!

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