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Once there were young believers who founded together
A common creed reconciling man with nature
Combining knowledge and belief, from matter to spirit
The inner alchemy can change the whole world
The appalling devotion of our culture
Comes from the boundless timelessness of those who write, and teach
Our mission is to maintain creation on the peaks,
Out of reach of idle hands
Mages! We are sailors!
They applaud all the darings of the mundane, usurping the genius
That's why our doctrine should operate a redemption
The world has undergone too many revolutions
Art is expected to become the cult of times to come
When religion becomes counterfeit, art shall save the vital core
Restoring the holy boundary that separated
idleness from masterwork
Let us redeem creation and recover its priestly conception
I found the illuminations
I am now entrusted with a mission
Through the cult of the ideal
We will conquer
Mages! We are sailors!
The Mage is a sailor heading to a point
That is invisible to the commonwealth
After having crossed the oceans, he will find the illumination
And know the science of the will
And discover the inner alchemy

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