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Our king had a daughter of unrivaled beauty
Princes and Kings came to her and tried to court her one by one
But she denied them all
One day, the one we call The Wide Open
Who used to show her body to the sun
From the first rays until the evening everyday
She gave birth to a boy whom she named the Stolen One
And she raised him keeping his paternity secret
He was the only suitor she fell in love with
But who could resist the son of the sun?
So his duty was to bring the pearls...
Thus he went for a very long journey to reach the father's lair
Starving, almost fainting he saw an old blind woman
Who showed him the way...
Climbing a gigantic tree
A terrible wind started to blow so strong...
But he made it, anyway and finally met his father
Who gave him two boxes... he had to choose only one
His duty was to return home without opening it
But he couldn't resist looking inside
The sun saw his son's lack of obedience
So he hurled him into the sea, feeding the sharks
A few days later, I went fishing at the seaside
And I caught a beatiful one that could feed me for days
And what was my surprise!
When I opened the fish to empty it
I saw the pearls given by the sun
I had to try my luck, so I rushed to the king
What a twist of fate, yet again!
The king agreed to give me his daughter
His duty was to bring the pearls
If he wanted to get her... but he failed
He was the only suitor she fell in love with
But who could resist the son of the sun?
This is how she became mine

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