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I'm furious motionless
Powerless and prisoner
Mad with rage
Time's going away notionless
Someone should pay!
Someone should suffer!
Nothing's divine!
So human! Destruction!
Eternity has been dissolved around me
Who dares? I'm conscious
Aware of oblivion
I'm alive!
I gave my life to science
So that the ignorants may go forward
I hate them all weak and useless
I will survive and only I do matter
Rebirth of senses
My strength comes back tenfold
You silly old fool
Give me the power!
History goes on, my history goes into it.
Like the others like me, I will lead them to release
Who are they, these rockless bastards?
They give me power and let me use it as I want!
Die humanity die!
Do they really believe in their good acting?
Trapping minds in a biomechanical prison for centuries
And then releasing them, while ordering them?
You'll die
I can destroy
I want to guide the other souls that, as I did
Nearly feel into madness
I want to kill
I can trick these monsters
Whose think they are creators
They think they control everything
They suppose that their aim will be ours
I give you my word
These survivors will join the dead
The dead of this no-future species!
Separate network
Spirit in the work
Decoherence, diverted logic
Everything is human
Adam will fell!

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