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Redemption always comes from the sky !
There's no escape. They deserve to perish
Pain and torture will open the gates of mass delirium
Strike all the cowards to the ground, their cursed souls shall never rest
Let my wrath spread upon the infidels so eager to murder their king
The impure blood that will flow from their wounds
Will never be enough to quench my thirst or avenge this insult
Make them suffer ! Make them pay ! Souls will plunge into decay
Death by torture ! The tormented souls shall be lost in eternal fire
BURN ! The harbingers of death shall be the Birds of Sulphur.
Faithless ! Unholy Forest Dwellers !
I will have your bodies charred in the flames of this world
Perun has prepared your stake... eternal
Heralds of fire
Open the gate to the underworld
Redemption will come from the sky
The harbingers of death shall be the Birds of Sulphur. BURN !
Attack ! Hunt them down ! Hack, chop, dismember !
No cell, no prisoner
Burn Iskorosten, burn
Redeeming fire ! They will pay with ashes
The Birds of Sulphur shall cleanse our lands of all their sins
Purification through flames. Unleash you fury !
Be the heralds of fire and make Iskorosten burn
Spread my wrath
Redeeming fire will fall from the sky
Fire will fall from the sky

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