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A Healthy Dose Of Reality Television - text


Say goodbye to peace and clam
Because they've decided who to bomb
Big plans at the Pentagon, so I turn my TV on
All I see is Girls Gone Wild,
and "who's the daddy of this child?"
While idol judges make their decisions,
I want to kill my television

A generation raised on Road Rules, Punk'd and Jerry
"Hail apathy", says the church of TV,
A new religion in this age of information
Reality will bring us to our knees

What a strange way we decide
to turn our backs on genocide
That is just what we have tried,
while all those other people died
We dated blindly and factored fear,
the simple life made it so clear
Bread and circus will sell a war,
it doesn't matter what you're fighting for


I want to go back to the golden days of television
When news was news, and everything else was fiction
The A-Team, CHiPs and Dynasty, those were my favorite shows
Jack Tripper made me laugh and MTV actually played videos

I want my, I want my, I want my MTV! [x4]

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