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Back in the day yo as we learned
A man was not considered to be
Considered to be fully grown
Has he not gona beyond the hills
Has he not crossed the seven seas
Yeah, seven seas at least!
Now all them jokers kept around
Just like the scarecrows in hometown
Yeah, scarecrows in hometown
From screen to screen they're travelin'
But I'm a wonderlust king
I stay on the run
Let me out
Let me be gone
In the world's beat up road sign
I saw new history of time...
New history of time!!!
Through Siberian woods
Breaking up their neck
Chinese moving in building discoteques
Homemade sex toys and whatnot
Yeah, and why not?
Well at least it's something different
From what they got in every other airport
Ja ně jevrěj, no koje-što pahože
sovrat' ně dast ni Jura ni Sěrjoža!
Simple because I'm not a total gadjo
Ah, da ja šut, ja derkač, nu tak što-že?
I traveled the world
Looking for understanding
Of the times that we live in
Hunting and gathering first hand information
Challenging definitions of sin
I traveled the world
Looking for lovers
Of the ultimate beauty
But never settled in
I'm Wonderlust King!
And presidents
And billionaires
And generals
They'll never know
What I have owned!
What I have owned...
I'm a wonderlust king!

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