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Descent, Ascent And Conquer - text

Heretic's stand in the night and fog
ride the tiger and kill the bull
with open arms we hail
the new dawn of tempest
Awake the beast within
invincible brethren, a defiant kin
singing a contempt psalm
like Zarathustra spoke against the
A nameless war with many names
bleed the parasites, dig their graves
when wolfish rage once heard
lets the bridges behind be burned
The modern world we loath
yehud worms crawl in mud
a road leads to golden age
through the death of many
Descent, ascent and conquer!
To die and become
Descent, ascent and conquer!
walk in a via triumphalis
Descent; ascent, and conquer!
With the beautiful sounds of thunder
Stand up and put down the white
apathy flag
whip the lash against the dogs that
like sermons forever standing guards
to the monument temples of europa
its all about to answer the call
the horn of the gods of war
and if it is about to fall
to hell we shall drag this world.

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