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And The Tears Of Our Fatherland Fell - text


Dreaming of the land that existed a long time ago
When nature and war were still the same
Once so beautiful land, fertile and pure

Pristine and rampant nature
Clear-watered lakes as far as eyes can see
Untouched wilderness

Humble folk, calm as the nocturnal night sky
Living from the forests and soil
Nurturing each other

A plague of gross arrives
Era of swords and spears, sadness and hate
Blood was shed and the earth was mangled
With steel we fought the men of the cross

And the smell of the christian blood
And the yells of our dying fathers filled the air
Our shrines were crushed and homes burned

For the way of the church and christian values
Lands and fortunes plundered
The glare of embers once our home in the dark horizon

This paradise would never be the same again
And the tears of our fatherland fell

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